Guided City Tours

Discover both the historic and the modern sides of Aarau, observe the city from above, embark on a culinary journey of discovery, or explore the surroundings by bicycle. On tours accompanied by experts, you will gain insights into the city’s hidden treasures.
18 qualified city guides with plenty of experience and extensive knowledge offer exciting guided tours for individuals, groups and schools in different languages (German, French, English, Spanish, Italian). Tours for school classes from public schools are free of charge.

Guided tour of the old town

On this guided tour through the charming old town area, the history of Aarau takes centre stage. You will discover exciting historical facts about the founding of the city, peppered with anecdotes and amusing stories. As well as the sights and highlights, you will also discover Aarau’s hidden treasures. This tour is also suitable for school classes.

"Above ground – Below ground"

From the modern station back to the early industrial past!
While you’re still above ground, learn about the development of Aarau’s railway station and the surrounding area. How did the station get to be built, and does Aarau really have the largest clock in Europe?
Follow this by delving deep into the early industrial past. Visit the Aufschluss Meyerstollen three storeys below ground and gain a fascinating insight into the latest historical findings about Aarau’s underground tunnel system. Finally, walk dry-footed along a short stretch of this unique monument.
(Combined guided tour in cooperation with the Aarau City Museum)

The tower and its dungeon

The Obertorturm (Upper Gate Tower) is the landmark of Aarau and the highest city tower in Switzerland. It is thought to have been built in the early 13th century. On this tour you will visit the residence of the tower watchman at giddy heights and gain an insight into the almost 500 year old clockworks. You will also be able to explore the creepy dungeon and hear the chilling tales about what happened there. This tour is also suitable for school classes. The visit to the tower requires you to climb stairs so sensible footwear is recommended.

Journey to the Middle Ages

Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages on a visit to the Oberturm (Upper Tower), Aarau’s landmark and the highest city tower in Switzerland. The tower’s guardian, who will be dressed in traditional historical garments, will welcome you with a drink in the watchman’s residence. You will learn about the tower, from the dungeon all the way up to the guardian’s residence and hear lots of thrilling tales from the Middle Ages. The visit to the tower requires you to climb stairs so sensible footwear is recommended.

About women – but not just for women!

As well as a guided city tour in the traditional sense of the word, you will explore the most important sights in the old town and other different locations in Aarau from a woman’s perspective and learn about fascinating female personalities from Aarau’s history. This tour is also (particularly) suitable for men.

The Helvetic era

Take a tour through the Aarau of the Helvetic Republic era, learn about important historical figures and discover special architectural features from the defining years between 1798 and 1803. You will discover interesting facts about the city’s history, as well as plenty of unexpected sights.

From a height

View Aarau from the city’s highest viewing point - the rooftop terrace of the high-rise AEW building. Before or after your tour through the wonderful old town, you can head up to the skies in the lift. From above and below, this guided tour offers you plenty of historical information, humorous anecdotes and gripping stories about Aarau and its residents.

The culinary old town tour

A classic old town centre tour – enriched with three culinary highlights and wine tasting sessions. Divided into six stages (three parts for the guided tour, three aperitifs at different places right in the heart of the old town) you will discover the historical side of Aarau and indulge in regional delicacies presented by the country inn Landgasthof Hirschen in Erlinsbach. The entire tour lasts around three hours.

Stroll through the old town with aperitif

Go on a relaxed stroll through the old town centre and delve into the exciting history of Aarau, visit the sights and listen to anecdotes about the lives of the city’s residents. Afterwards, we will be delighted to serve you an aperitif. The "aarau info" team will be happy to advise you.

Around the water

Water has always been of great importance, and still plays an important role for the residents of Aarau today. This guided city tour will lead you along the waterways to the Stadtbach (city stream) and the city’s watermills and fountains, and will give you a deeper understanding of the significance of water for Aarau and its population since its foundation right up until the present day.

On the trail of Heinrich Zschokke

The politician and writer Heinrich Zschokke was an important Aarau personality. A tour following his footsteps offers exciting insights into the city’s history, particularly during the early 19th century.

Art in public spaces

In Aarau, art is not just waiting to be discovered in museums, but can also be viewed in the city centre. On this tour, the artworks in public spaces are related to the city’s history and visitors are provided with fascinating background information on the lives of the artists and their relationship to the city.

Discover Aarau by bike

Discover the city of Aarau on two wheels and explore the idyllic residential and recreational areas around the old town centre. Aarau doesn’t only have an exciting history to offer, but also countless sights in and around the city.


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