There’s just not enough time to discover the beauty and sights of Aarau and its surroundings in just one day. You should definitely spend at least one night, or preferably even more, in Aarau to get to know this small city at your leisure.

The guest-friendly hotels in the region provide you with your creature comforts. Even if you’re in Switzerland on business, you can spend the night in Aarau.

The city is ideally located between Zurich, Basel and Bern. It takes about an hour to make the easy journey to any one of these major cities by car or public transport.

Availability hotel rooms

Here you can check the availability of the hotel rooms in and around Aarau.


Hotels in Aarau

In Aarau are 4 hotels located.


Hotels in Aarau and the surrounding area

Aarau and its surrounding areas (within a 5 km radius) offer a total of 12 hotels providing you with all the comfort and culinary indulgence you could possibly wish for.


Hotels a little further afield

Another eleven hotels can be found within a 6–20 km radius of Aarau.


Bed & Breakfast

Private accommodation is the less complicated and less expensive alternative to staying at a hotel.




Thanks to its very accessible location, Aarau, the attractive small city in the heart of Switzerland, is easy to reach from all directions. As a traditional market town, Aarau has a lot to offer for both everyday and special needs. This includes the wonderful old town centre...



Guided City Tours

Discover both the historic and the modern sides of Aarau, observe the city from above, embark on a culinary journey of discovery, or explore the surroundings by bicycle.

18 qualified city guides with plenty of experience and extensive knowledge offer exciting guided tours.