There is a lot to explore both in and around Aarau and even beneath the city too. At ground-level you can admire historic buildings and contemporary architecture during a relaxed stroll through the old town centre, and a visit to the underground Meyerschen Stollen (Meyer Tunnels) is a unique experience that is not to be missed.

Don’t forget to include a museum visit in your itinerary or combine an old town tour with a shopping trip.

Stroll through the old town centre

Aarau’s old town centre attracts visitors with its many sights.


Roggenhausen Wildpark (Wildlife Park)

At the Roggenhausen Wildlife Park, you can observe rabbits, ponies, goats, sheep, wild boar, deer, ibex and many other animals from up close.


Upper Tower and Upper Gate

The Upper Tower Gate dates back to the 13th century, but was originally not as high.


Government and Cantonal Parliament Building

The central section of the government building was built in 1739 as a baroque grand palace for the Rothpletz family. After the canton was founded in 1803, the government purchased the house and had it elaborately renovated as a classical government building complete with a lavish staircase. The interior of the cantonal parliament building behind it mostly plain and simple, but with its theatrical semicircle, it represents a pivotal work of bourgeois classicism in Aargau.

Town church from the 15th century

Today’s church was constructed between 1471 and 1477 in place of its smaller predecessor. Most of the bricks come from the demolished Obergösgen castle and were transported on the River Aare. Gisel, the master craftsman, based the new construction on that of the abbey church of Königsfelden. After the Reformation in 1528, the twelve altars were removed and the pictures destroyed. The place of worship was restored to its former simplicity in 1965/66.

Town Hall

The oldest part of the Town Hall is the Turm Rore (Rore Tower), the “Castle in the City”, which dates back to the 13th century.


Rüetschi Bell Foundry

The art of casting bells has a tradition going back more than 600 years in Aarau. The bells that were cast in Aarau in the 14th century can still be heard ringing today. In 1920, the Rüetschi family business became a joint-stock company. As well as bells, the bell foundry now also offers other products and services, such as artistic castings and church tower planning.

Meyersche Stollen (Meyer Tunnels)

In Aarau there is also a lot to see underground.


Public art

In the city of Aarau, a considerable number of artworks can be found in public open spaces, like in the old town centre, at the Cantonal Hospital, the Rosengarten (Rose Garden) Cemetery, and scattered in different suburbs. Countless monuments, sculptures and statues have been created as “Kunst am Bau” (architectural sculpture) works. They can be admired in schools, old people’s homes, on town squares and in parks.
(Source: Aarau Culture Commission Art Guide)

Parks and green areas in the city of Aarau

Green zones are not only found along the Aare River and in the historical parks in Aarau, but also in urban spaces, in the gardens of the residential areas and at the spacious sports grounds and open spaces in Schachen.



Thanks to its very accessible location, Aarau, the attractive small city in the heart of Switzerland, is easy to reach from all directions. As a traditional market town, Aarau has a lot to offer for both everyday and special needs. This includes the wonderful old town centre...