From a musical point of view, Aarau has a lot to offer. From traditional music via rock and hip-hop through to jazz and classical music, the most diverse of genres and cultures are represented at the many high-quality events, festivals and open-air concerts. It wasn’t only the Swiss National Yodelling Festival in 2005 that proved very popular in Aarau; diverse smaller, new events are now starting to establish themselves.

KiFF – Culture in the Food Factory

KiFF is located in a former food factory in Aarau. Thanks to the commitment of numerous volunteers, the music club has been offering alternative culture from a most diverse range of fields since 1990.


Jazz in Aarau

Three jazz venues offer a coordinated programme of events in Aarau.



Many music festivals and open-airs are held in Aarau each year. The schedule includes folk music and hip-hop, as well as jazz and metal.


Aargau Symphony Orchestra ASO

The Aargau Symphony Orchestra (ASO) is a professional orchestra of 59 musicians that also regularly visits other cities within Switzerland and neighbouring countries.




The guest-friendly hotels in the region provide you with your creature comforts. Even if you’re in Switzerland on business, you can spend the night in Aarau.